Selling Avon Products

is the greatest way to own your own business and make money!


Your Qualifying Order
To qualify as an AVON representative, your first order must equal $50 before taxes, and paid on time. You may also qualify, with an order over $100, to win the incentive which equals over $100 in products. The amount of the order is equally important to paying on time.

How Many Brochures?
You will need to determine how many brochures you will need to order so you can work the business your way. One caution – 30 brochures will cost you $31.35, while 100 brochures will cost you $33. 100 brochures go pretty fast.

AVON Funds You!
AVON is the only corporation that loans you the money to start your own business.
Mary’s team training will give you all the help you need for success. The words, “it didn’t work for me”, will never come out of your mouth as long as you train with your team and work the business.

No Inventory Required

Remember this, and don’t buy extra product, except on your first few orders to get yourself started in the business. Extra product that isn’t part of an order costs you money and takes up space.  Build your customer base as fast as you can, and only order products you have orders for, as much as you can.  This will keep you in a positive cash flow.  Keep your AVON money in a separate account, so you can keep track of your earnings and separate from your personal finances.  Keep accurate records of your orders and sales, and expenses. Ask questions of your leaders, and learn every day.  This business works and has enabled/empowered thousands and thousands of women to be independent and raise their families with extras they can enjoy.

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