A new Clean Romance, Love at first sight book by Mary Anderson Lee

Gemma was cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend just before her best friend’s wedding. She meets “Mr. Handsome” in Vegas and the rest twists and turns until the end. Find out what happens!

The process of writing, editing, beta reading, and revision took me about 8 months. The title came from an old Big Band song by Artie Shaw that caught my eye and ear.

My cover designer is brilliant!

The hardest part of writing this book: It was originally a ghostwriting job and the person refused to pay and didn’t use the material. So, I changed the content, took out the steamy, graphic sex scenes because I think intimacy should stay behind closed doors to tickle the imagination. I am so happy with how it turned out. There is just enough sexual heat to keep you turning the pages.

I research every book I write to find out about the city location, hotspots, and points of interest I like to include in the book. The locations include San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami. I learned about Fisher Island and passed that along to my readers.

The link to the book on Amazon Kindle:
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To my readers, I would like to say I tried to write realistic characters with realistic situations. Truth IS stranger than fiction, so I love to insert true stories that happen to someone else, or even a situation I have found myself in to keep interest high. If you like clean romance, you will love this story.

Happy Reading!



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