New Avon Reps Checklist


The following in a Checklist for New AVON Reps. Join my team and become successful. Great things take time, and you will experience the snowball effect if you do this checklist every two weeks, faithfully. It will start small and then become bigger and bigger. You just watch!

  • Go to your AVON Account and order Brochures for TWO Campaigns ahead so you are sure to receive all accompanying flyers at no charge.
  • Be sure to check the “WHAT’S NEW” magazine for two campaigns ahead and order product demos, note the sales theme, and order samples.
  • Put your contact information on every brochure, flyer, and mark Last Date to Order. Place your marked brochures and flyers plus samples into the clear plastic “What’s New” bags (they have a handle to fit on door knobs). We will be calling this the Brochure Pack.
  • Make sure you include samples in your delivery orders. Be strategic by placing samples of items on sale for the brochures you are giving out now.
  • Order appropriate quantities of bags for delivery of your products. Also, order plenty of the clear “What’s New” bags.
  • Route yourself for deliveries in the same area and include your customers who didn’t order in this campaign. Include Brochure Pack in every order; Distribute Brochure Pack to every customer.
  • Collect email addresses of every customer that has one.
  • Email your newest brochure link to everyone who has an email address, even if you have delivered them a book (if they are good, consistent customers).
  • Start distributing the next Campaign Brochure Pack 2 to 3 weeks before the Campaign actually starts.
  • Follow-up with your customers by phone, text, or email to see if they need anything.
  • After a while, you will have more customers who have a relationship with you, or love to hear from you.
  • Plan ahead and purchase additional Brochures to take to offices, school offices, lunch rooms, etc. Always be on the lookout for more customers.


♥The more successful your Campaigns

The faster you Advance in Avon♥

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