Humpty The Rest Of The Story

Humpty, The Rest Of The Story

Humpty, The Rest Of The Story

An Allegorical Look at Bipolar Disorder for Adolescents

By: Mary Anderson Lee
It is tough to find material on Bipolar Disorder everybody can understand, where it’s not targeting the clinical professional. This book is written for the age range of nine years old and up, with adolescent children in mind, their parents, and caregivers.
In an adult world, children have a tough time understanding their Bipolar disease. The disease is confusing at best and holds within it a host of symptoms that feel and seem normal or familiar to an afflicted child.
Children are too often diagnosed after a crisis that gets everyone’s attention such as a suicide attempt, or an appalling behavior.

It is our hope, at Peacock Publishing Canada, this book will help lots of people to understand the disease: Children, Parents, Teachers, and Therapists, and support those who are diagnosed with a disorder nobody wants.

We wish you all the best on your journey to health living with Bipolar Disorder.

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