Eliminate Fear! Kick Fear to the Curb – Introduction

Eliminate Fear From Your Life Once And For All

I eliminated fear from my life. I was a young mother with three children, and an alcoholic husband who didn’t work. I was employed supporting my family in the retail music business, and giving music lessons on my day off. One day, I was alone in the store sitting at my desk writing piano tuning orders when a man came in the back and robbed me at gunpoint. He handed me a note that stated he would kill me if I told anyone, and forced me to take all the bills out of the register and put them in a bag. He ordered me to the floor, face-down, and told me not to move.

When my mind began to function, I realized he was no longer standing there but had escaped. He was no longer there to shoot me. While on the floor I prayed with every breath for justice, that I would live to raise my children, for there was no one else for them but me. I looked up to make sure he was gone, stood, and called 911.

I went through the mugshots, identified the robber, went to court, and came through the ordeal with several effects of trauma. The robber pled guilty. I was treated for anxiety, spastic colon, and insomnia for a number of months. I had nightmares of being hunted by gangsters with guns.

The day after the robbery I was back at work, simply because we had to have the money to live on. Something doctors could not treat or cure was the haunting fear that oppressed me especially during my awake times.

The fear was relentless in the pursuit of my mind and soul. It was cruel. I was terrified if someone was walking behind me on the sidewalk. I was afraid of customers coming in the store. I had no peace at all. People approaching me created such a panic inside me that I was tormented constantly. It was beyond reason. It was more powerful than any discussion from someone telling me otherwise. Fear had locked onto me like a leach and wouldn’t let go. I felt powerless. I didn’t feel safe.

I grew up in an abusive home, physical and emotional/mental. I lived in fear every day that somehow I would be blamed for something or that negative attention would come my way, again. There were times as a child I was in fear for my life.

As I have gotten older, many in my generation have revealed the unpleasant circumstances in which they were raised. Some were raised in homes where violence was normal and took place daily. Some were raised in abusive families such as mine. Some were in such dire circumstances that they ended up in foster care in worse straights than living with their families. Some grew up with daily sexual abuse. And yet, we kept growing, graduating, and getting older while staying silent and carrying such pain of poor self-images and loss of identities.

This is my story. This is how I overcame fear. Fear no longer rules me, nor does it affect my decisions or relationships.

I will say right up front that I overcame fear with the power of the Living God. And, I am going to teach you how to do the same.

For those of you who grew up with daily trauma, abuse, bullying, name-calling, sexual abuse, violence where your home should have been a safe place or a refuge, I want to say I know you. I know your pain. I also want you to know that you don’t have to stay in pain. There is a place of peace just for you no matter who or what you are. And, I will help you find it.

I am a lover of Jesus. I have a relationship with Him. However, I am not religious. Religion seeks to point out faults and to judge others, then rejoices in what it finds and seeks to exploit. The religious insist they are right and you are wrong. God is love, Jesus is love, and the Holy Spirit is love. I am all for love.

You know where I stand. I don’t believe in God. I KNOW God. There is a difference. He answers me when I pray. I sense His loving presence – I feel Him around me. I am very aware He not only exists but loves me passionately and through Him, I love. I love in impossible situations that would surprise you. It’s not my human love, I assure you. It is His love coming through me.

If you choose to not continue to read this book because of your religious persuasion, I bless you and desire the very best for you. If you choose to read on, I will take you along my journey to freedom.


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