You Are the Song

A story about sweet romance

By Mary Anderson Lee

When Gemma decides to surprise her boyfriend Drè, with an anniversary dinner at his place, she gets more than she bargained for. On entering his apartment the surprise is all hers as she discovers the man, she had hoped would propose to her on their 3rd anniversary, with another woman.
If that wasn’t bad enough, she then gets dumped by him and is left to be consoled by her best friend Zola.
They head to Vegas for Zola’s wedding, Gemma decides to check out the casino in their hotel and her eyes fall on the most incredible man she has ever seen, smartly dressed and with looks to match.
Gemma is transfixed, but still hurting from her experience with Drè. But with the handsome stranger obviously interested in her, would she be crazy to hold out and deny herself a chance of happiness?
As she rebuffs “Mr. Handsome’s” initial advances, he ups the stakes and before long it’s obvious that Gemma has fallen for him. But is he really the man for her? Or is this just a rebound?


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Humpty, The Rest Of The Story

Humpty, The Rest Of The StoryAn Allegorical Look at Bipolar Disorder for Adolescents

By Mary Anderson Lee

It is tough to find material on Bipolar Disorder everybody can understand, where it’s not targeting the clinical professional. This book is written for the age range of nine years old and up, with adolescent children in mind, their parents, and caregivers.

In an adult world, children have a tough time understanding their Bipolar disease. The disease is confusing at best and holds within it a host of symptoms that feel and seem normal or familiar to an afflicted child.

Children are too often diagnosed after a crisis that gets everyone’s attention such as a suicide attempt, or an appalling behavior.  Read More

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Turbo Gets A Home!

Turbo Gets A Home

By Mary Anderson Lee

This is a wonderful and thought provoking story about a little dog that deals with getting abandoned.
Turbo has to survive all alone in the wilderness until he is rescued and taken to a shelter. Kind people help and care for him until he is  adopted by a kind lady.

This book teaches children that animals have feelings; that there are “helpers” all around us; even in unfortunate circumstances we can always have hope for better outcomes; and the benefits of adopting a rescued pet. The book includes discussion questions at the end to engage children in dialogue about their thoughts and feelings brought out by the story.

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A sweet book with an educational message. It shows the consequences of animal abandonment and gives a window into how Turbo views his predicament. I like the details about animal shelters and how the story really follows Turbo’s ups and downs as he finds a new home. Tom A.


A very sweet little story. I really appreciated the discussion questions at the end. I can see that there could be further adventures for Turbo and Suzi, down the road!Lonnie D.