About Me

Mary Anderson Lee

“Overcomer”, that is the word one uses to describe Mary Anderson Lee. Growing up in a troubled family, then transitioning to a life in poverty with 3 children and an abusive husband, Mary finally came to the place within herself deciding that she did have the power to choose a better way. So she chose! And with God’s help she was able to start a new life with her children and from nothing she became a successful business woman and mentor.

“So many women are neglected and abused and they don’t realize that there is a way out. I found it and now I live for helping others find it too!” Mary continues, “If anyone is willing to do the work, their life will improve, it’s that simple”.

Mary is a natural communicator and motivator and enjoys speaking to groups of all types. She brings her experience as a top sales person and team builder at AVON Canada and also her years involved with the start up and management of non-profit organizations.

Most recently, Mary has added “Author” to her resume as she has just published her first book. She has plans for releasing a series of published works which will address the evolving role of women in today’s world, offering her unique and often humorous insights and perspectives… stay tuned!


Mary is available as a conference speaker for women’s business and/or Christian organizations. She is based in the Toronto Canada region but enjoys traveling internationally.  Mary is a gifted Business Consultant and Life Coach.  Mary and her husband Rob pastor a Church and are involved with mission organizations spreading the Gospel throughout the world.