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Mary Anderson Lee

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Author of the children's book: "Turbo Gets a Home".

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A New Romance Story by Mary Anderson Lee

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Mary Anderson Lee Avon Canada

Mary Anderson Lee

Mary Anderson Lee is a woman with purpose. She has experienced life from every side and has determined to help those around her whatever situation she finds herself in. Drawing on her experience in business and ministry she is uniquely qualified to speak into women’s lives, releasing them from the bondage of past hurts and traumas as well as fear of failure (and success!).



Mary is currently running her own business and she and her husband Rob are Pastors of a Toronto area church. She has also recently turned her writing skills to children’s books. “I really like talking to children, they are so open to learning new things and are so full of energy. I was inspired to write a story that would be engaging and also bring up important topics that kids need to learn about”. Mary continues, “I have a small dog that we adopted from a pet rescue, and I began to imagine how a little dog would feel being lost or abandoned. Kids sometimes feel that way especially when families split so I wanted to write a story that has some sad things but that also shows that people do care”.


You Are The Song

Mary’s latest book which is a sweet romance!

When Gemma decides to surprise her boyfriend Drè, with an anniversary dinner at his place, she gets more than she bargained for. On entering his apartment the surprise is all hers as she discovers the man, she had hoped would propose to her on their 3rd anniversary, with another woman.
If that wasn’t bad enough, she then gets dumped by him and is left to be consoled by her best friend Zola.

They head to Vegas for Zola’s wedding, Gemma decides to check out the casino in their hotel and her eyes fall on the most incredible man she has ever seen, smartly dressed and with looks to match.
Gemma is transfixed, but still hurting from her experience with Drè. But with the handsome stranger obviously interested in her… Find out more about this wonderful book




Humpty, The Rest Of The StoryHumpty, The Rest Of The Story

Mary’s book which deals with Adolescent Bipolar Disorder.

It is tough to find material on Bipolar Disorder everybody can understand, where it’s not targeting the clinical professional. This book is written for the age range of nine years old and up, with adolescent children in mind, their parents, and caregivers.

In an adult world, children have a tough time understanding their Bipolar disease. The disease is confusing at best and holds within it a host of symptoms that feel and seem normal or familiar to an afflicted child.

Find out more…




Turbo Gets A HomeTurbo Gets a Home

Author of the new children’s book, “Turbo Gets A Home“, Mary Anderson Lee presents her first book in a planned series of children’s books which will cover a broad range of important subjects. The writing is targeted toward the 7-11 year old age group and the illustrations will keep young readers entertained and engaged.

The books are meant to be read by an adult who will then engage the listeners in conversation about the reading.

Discussion questions have been provided by the author making it easy to start a dialog about subjects such as loneliness, fear and responsibility.





Here are a few reviews from people who have read “Turbo Gets A New Home”


“Beautifully written story about an abandoned dog that will keep adults and children reading to the very end. Children will enjoy knowing there is a very happy ending for Turbo in his forever home, while learning about rescue animals. A good introduction to children about the loving care that animals deserve, but don’t always get. Like the suggestions for discussion questions to help start a conversation with children.” Remee M.


“I just read this delightful story and intend to read it to my grandchildren. It is both heartwarming, educational and well-written. The illustrations are great.” L. Light


“As a retired junior high English teacher, I could have used this book in my classroom to engage my low level readers. These kids quite often lose interest in a story. Not Turbo. Most kids love dogs, the illustrations are great, “dog thoughts” engaging, and the kids would hang on to the end. Go, Mary Lee!” D. Kohlman


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